Sunday, November 6

Egg Ghee Roast, an easy side dish

Ingredients needed for Egg Ghee Roast
4 hard boiled eggs
2 tsps ghee
2 tsps chilli powder / as per taste
Salt to taste
2 tsps of lime / lemon juice

How to prepare Egg Ghee Roast?
Hard boil the eggs  and when cool remove the shell. Halve the eggs and keep aside.
Mix salt to taste, chilli powder together.
Heat ghee in  a non stick fry pan. When the ghee is hot, remove the pan from the fire and add the chilli powder, salt mix. Add the lime juice.
Now simmer the flame, place the egg halves on the pan.
Let it roast on the yolk side first and then flip it.
Put out the flame  and serve as a side dish with pulaos, steaming hot plain rice  etc.

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